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Candle-Burning Tips: How To Ensure Even Burns

Proper candle care is the difference between cutting your candle’s life short and enjoying a long-lasting, evenly-burning candle. Knowing how to burn your candle will save you money and ensure that you get the most out of each one you purchase. If you want your candles to burn safely and correctly, use these candle-burning tips to ensure even burns.

Trim Your Wicks

Trimming your wicks is essential to ensuring your candles burn evenly. Use a wick trimmer, scissors, or a nail clipper to trim the wick to about ¼ of an inch before each use.

When you leave your wicks uncut, the wick creates a long, unstable flame that burns more wax quickly and unevenly. Control the burn by limiting the amount of wax the candle has access to and the amount of soot it produces. Soot can negatively impact the wax’s chemistry and burn quality, so make sure that you trim your wicks.

The More Wicks, the Better

Two wicks are better than one. Evenly burning a double-wick candle is often much easier, assuming you are trimming your wicks. Double wicks are more efficient at achieving a more complete and even burn. Single wicks tend to suffocate and have difficulty regaining a smooth and even burn. Double wicks allow you to get the most out of your candle.

Burn the Top Layer

Wax has a memory, and the first burn will set the tone for how the candle continues to burn each time you light the wick. It’s crucial to let the top layer of wax melt completely when burning your candles, especially the first time. If you only let the wick burn partially, it may create a tunnel, leaving the edges unmelted. Because of the wax memory, it will continue to make a deeper tunnel for every burn after.

Burn the candles for about 2 hours, ensuring that the first layer of the wax has turned into a liquid before blowing the candle out. You will get a nice even burn the next time you use the candle.

Keep the Candles Away From Drafts

Another candle-burning tip you can use to ensure even burns involves keeping your candles away from areas that can have a draft. Drafts generate air currents that may blow the flame around, causing uneven flares that lead the wick to burn at an inconsistent pace. Keeping your candles away from drafts is essential for allowing them to burn evenly. Keep the candle in a safe space where the scent can circulate but where air currents cannot affect the flame.

Ensuring that you get the most of your candles starts with proper care. Get the even and complete burns you desire to make the most of your favorite scented candles.

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