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Ethernet vs. DSL: Which Provides Better Internet Access

Setting up internet service and connection can be confusing for those who aren’t used to playing with computers and their cables as frequently as others. However, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. In this article, we will work hard to take out some of the guesswork about which service provides better internet access, Ethernet, or DSL.


This is the original model of internet connectivity that everyone started out with when the internet went online. It’s best that we start here as this explains internet connectivity and cables for beginners.

Back when it was being established, everyone had a landline, and it was common that if you had the internet, you had what was known as dial-up. This was a painstaking process, and it would take five to ten minutes just to go online and just as much time to load your browser and open a website.


Then coaxial cable internet became popular sometime in the early nineties. The same idea applied, but the bandwidth was now increased from five megabytes per second to twenty megabytes per second.

This was fast enough to browse the internet without stalling and having to wait half an hour just to get online. This stood as the main source of internet connection for years before Ethernet and fiber optic became available, and it was called DSL or direct service line, as it came through your coaxial cable.

Fiber Optic

Now that we have more advanced cable systems in place, we can maximize our bandwidth. At the peak of DSL, you could match nearly 100 megabytes per second if you had the right connection and service line. With fiber optic, information can be sent at speeds of one gigabyte or more through this synthetic fibrous material.

So, when you’re asking the question of which service provides better internet access, Ethernet or DSL, it’s really dependent upon your needs and what you would like to accomplish with it. If you’re working from home, then DSL would be ideal, but if you’re managing a company that has hundreds of people online at one time, fiber optics are the way to go.

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