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Fitness Tips and Tricks: How To Actually Enjoy Exercising

Author Stephen Richards once wrote, “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” Would you agree? Pain is an integral part of the growth that everyone encounters in varying areas in our lives. We must feel it to progress and become mentally and physically stronger.

In the wide world of physical fitness, aches, pangs, frustrations, and worries can be inevitable. But don’t fall into the mindset that the gym is the sole place to get your fit on. There’s no secret science or magical formula to it, but with time and trial, you can uncover an enjoyable pursuit that works for you. Read on for a few fitness tips and tricks about how to actually enjoy exercising.

Focus on the Outcome, Not the Struggle

Those who struggle with finding the motivation to work out will find themselves struggling to be gratified by the process. Sure, holding planks or performing countless squats isn’t all fun and games, but the key is to push the brain forward in time and cultivate positive feelings toward fitness.

Adjusting the associations your mind has with exercise can help your productivity, mental focus, and satisfaction. At the core, regular exercise is the ultimate form of self-care. Be sure to treat yourself and take care of your body with proper rest and recovery along the way. For example, consider the benefits of self-myofascial release therapy.

Find Your Inner Child: It’s OK To Incorporate Play

Individuals tend to find that they enjoy certain physical activities more than others. This is often not solely because of skill or technique—but rather because the get-up-and-go feels more like playtime. Young adults rarely have the time or opportunity to “play” anymore. Out of all the fitness tips and tricks out there, incorporating play proves most beneficial for motivation.

How to actually enjoy exercising depends on the approach. Keep in mind that “playing” is the ability to become fully immersed in a specific activity, absorb the moment, and lose track of time. Reclaim your inner child again with a recreational or competitive activity you have basic skills in or is inherently fun to engage in. After that, a steady flow of fitness can grow.

Remove the Mood-Draining Surface Pressure

Many often feel weighed down by unrealistic goals or societal expectations that take the joy out of the journey. Remove the pressure at the surface of your fitness endeavor. An all-or-nothing mentality will derail inspiration and enthusiasm. Instead, mindfully appreciate the body you have and marvel at its strength. Be proud of your accomplishments and how you value your health.

Remember, you’re constantly developing and refining a lifelong relationship with movement. Start by setting small goals, finding what works best from day to day, and building off that conscious foundation. You never know how far you can go.

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