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How to Layer Jewelry to Enhance Your Outfit

Outfits can reflect moods, personalities, and individual styles that can further speak for themselves upon incorporating accessories. Ultimately, the accessories you choose to accentuate your outfit create a refined ensemble. Often, people choose a favorite pair of earrings or a dainty necklace to add a bit of sparkle without going overboard. However, fashion is limitless, and you don’t have to worry about the number of accessories you wear. Here’s here to layer jewelry so you can enhance any outfit, any day.

Quality Over Quantity

The first thing’s first, and that’s owning quality jewelry. Most people think about investing generous amounts of their budget into the finest diamonds when that isn’t always the case. You can still have fine accessories in your collection as long as they are durable and well maintained.

All you want is to avoid buying cheaper pieces vulnerable to damage and breaking within the first hour of wear.

Experiment With Tiers

Tiering chains provide the blueprint for layering necklaces. You can start with a choker-length necklace; then, you can incorporate more necklaces, focusing on extending the length each time for that classic tiered appearance. This method dramatically complements v-neck shirts or any top that reveals a plain neckline.

Learn Through the Thick and Thin

Coupling jewelry pieces of different thicknesses produce an appealing aesthetic that can complement an outfit for a night on the town. For example, a wide choker of any material can benefit from a couple of delicate chains of a longer length to balance the look.

The same method works with bracelets of different widths to bring forth a chic bohemian style.

Embrace Contrast

While most dread the thought of mixing metals, when done correctly, this method exhibits a color contrast that produces a bold visual appeal. To make combining easier, start with a bridge piece that interweaves various metals for inspiration.

Introduce Pendants to Your Collection

Pendants and medallions are vibrant, fun statement pieces that add flair to any ensemble. These necklaces come in various styles, from the most opulent and dramatic to the delicate and dainty. Wearing several pendant necklaces offset with thin chains combines several tips for the ultimate outfit upgrade.

Layering jewelry enhances your outfit by adding more sparkle and excitement to the expected. Accessories of varying lengths and widths can bring fun, drama, and contrast to your looks, so you will hardly ever feel dull.

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