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Tips for Creating a Family Emergency Plan

The likelihood of a home break in may be more frequent than expected. According to the Department of Justice, there at over three million burglaries every year. Prepare your family, both physically and mentally, in the unfortunate case that your home is invaded. Consider these tips for creating a family emergency plan.

Devise a Plan

Have a family meeting and communicate your family plan. Decide where each family member will hide or escape. If you have multiple forms of entry a burglar could take, prepare for each one. Assign each member, if mature enough, a role in the plan. Assign who will hold younger children, call the police, secure a protection device, or even lookout. Make sure each family member feels confidence and comfortable in their assigned role.


Invest in deterrents that can help keep your home safe. Keep your exterior lights on at night. Burglars are attracted to the dark because they can hide themselves easier. An illuminated home will help draw attention to the intruder. An alarm system is another great choice of deterrent. If you don’t have the financial means for one, simply purchase a home security sign and place it in your yard or window. Even if it’s not true, communicate that your home has an alarm system.

Prepare Your Threat Response

Prepare for the worst-case scenario. Learn to protect yourself in any situation with self-defense classes. You may also consider investing in a firearm for home defense. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find a well-fitting holster to ensure you can carry your firearm safely as you execute your defensive plans. Of course, remember to always assess your situation before using force. Are you sure there’s an intruder? Are there one or multiple threats? The best response is one that deescalates, so learn techniques to deescalate an intruder scenario rather than escalate it.

Hopefully, you will never be in the position to face an intruder in your home, but it’s still a possibility. Prepare your family in the case of this emergency. Consider these tips for creating a family emergency plan. Devise a plan, use deterrents for prevention, and prepare an appropriate threat response.

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