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Things Every New E-biker Should Know Before Riding

E-biking is different than traditional biking, so you’ll need to learn the basics. These are the things every new e-biker should know before riding. Learn the basics so that you’ll be safe on your new e-bike.

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is one of the essential safety tips for e-biking. E-bikes can move even faster than traditional bikes, so you’ll want to keep your head covered. Wear a helmet any time you get on your e-bike.

Carry Extra Batteries

It’s important to carry extra batteries to prepare for e-biking. If you’re going for a long ride to acclimate to your bike, you’ll want to have a backup battery on hand. Bring spare batteries any time you’re e-biking to keep you going for the entire ride.

Be Visible

When you’re e-biking, it’s critical to be visible on your bike. Use flashing bike lights to make drivers aware of your presence. Wear bright but comfortable clothing so that drivers see you on the road. Outfit yourself in high-visibility gear to stay safe when e-biking.

Practice in a Parking Lot

Getting used to your new e-bike can be scary if you’re unfamiliar with the speed. Take things slowly by practicing on a flat surface like a parking lot. Practicing in a parking lot will allow you to get used to the feeling of your e-bike, its weight distribution, and its throttle. Take things gradually and get comfortable before you move on to the road.

Take Turns Slowly

How to slowly take turns is one of the most vital things every new e-biker should know before riding. As you learn how to use your e-bike, take things slowly. Your e-bike might have a different center of gravity than your regular bike, and it’s crucial to get used to the new weight distribution. Taking a turn too quickly can lead to some pretty painful spills, so start things off slow when you turn. Practice turning on smooth surfaces before you speed things up.

Get Used to Braking

Braking on an e-bike is different from traditional biking. E-bikes are heavier and can get up to faster speeds, so you’ll want to acclimate to the new changes. Slow down gradually and evenly.

Be Cautious on Roads

Be extremely cautious when you’re ready to take the e-bike out on the road. Vehicles on roadways often expect bikes to move slower than your standard e-bike, so they may underestimate your speed. Use as much caution as possible as you approach cars on roads.

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