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Tips for Creating a Homemade Wine Cellar

Every wine enthusiast has considered how to install a wine cellar in their home. While it may sound challenging, building a wine cellar can be a fun and creative way to store your wine. If you have a basement or other unused room, you are already well on your way! Here are some tips for creating a homemade wine cellar to help get you started.

What You’ll Need

One of the most critical elements of your wine cellar is a cooling unit. Wine cellar cooling units are essential to the life of your wine. There are several different kinds of units to meet your cellar needs, and you must consider the style, size, and cost of each before determining which one to use. It’s also important to have the proper insulation in addition to the correct temperature. It would be best if you had adequate space and airflow so as not to interrupt the aging process of your wine. Believe it or not, even vibrations from appliances can affect the aging process! Another aspect to consider is lighting. Avoid fluorescents and opt for small lighting fixtures instead.

Where To Build

When it comes to where you want to build your wine cellar, you have plenty of options. A basement is a perfect place to start because it is away from major household disturbances. However, be sure to seal any exposed concrete if you do build in the basement. Since concrete is porous, there is potential for moisture to seep in. You’ll also want to be aware of any air leaks, especially after installing your cellar door. This goes for any location, not just the basement. If you don’t have a basement, consider turning a closet into a cellar. No matter what area you select, ensure you have enough room for wiring and storage.

How To Build

Now comes the fun part! You have followed these tips for creating a homemade wine cellar and are ready to build. There are numerous ways to design your cellar, but you should start with figuring out how you want your racks to look. You can make wooden cubbies or use metal racks as long as the material is sturdy and suitable for storage. Another unique way to build your cellar is by using bricks; this will give the rack a more traditional feel. Next, add some finishing touches, such as labels or plaques. Don’t forget to open a bottle and revel in your work!

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