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Why You Should Switch From Bags to Loose Leaf Tea

Whether you drink it for the taste, the soothing effect it has on your body, or just for the caffeine boost, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world for many reasons. For many casual tea drinkers, dunking a premade bag of tea in hot water is usually good enough, but you could miss out on so much by only ever drinking bagged tea. Here, we’re going to go over some of the reasons why you should switch from bags to loose leaf tea so that you can see why it’s the better alternative.

Better and Stronger Flavors

Tea isn’t like wine; it doesn’t get better with age. In fact, the sooner you can drink the tea once someone plucks the leaves, the better it will be. Loose leaf tea is usually far fresher than bagged tea since bagged tea takes extra time to process and bag before it reaches you. Because of loose leaf tea’s freshness, the tea it creates tends to be much stronger in flavor and aroma. If you want to taste the best that tea has to offer, loose leaf is the way to go.

You’ll Know What’s in It

To mass-produce tea bags, producers aren’t as concerned with the quality and purity of what they put inside of the bag. Tea meant for bagging is harvested quickly and processed even quicker. What this means is that you could get a lot more in your tea bag than just the tea you’re looking for. Other less desirable parts of the plant can also make their way into the bags, so you never fully know what you’re dunking into that water.

More Control Over Taste and Strength

One of the major reasons to switch from bags to loose leaf tea is because loose leaf tea lets you be in control over what you make. If you want a strong and intense flavor, you can add more tea leaves to your pot. With a tea bag, you’re at the mercy of the manufacturer, so you never know if you’ll get the kind of tea you want.

Flexibility To Create Your Own Blends

Many serious tea drinkers love loose leaf tea because of the ability it gives you to customize what you’re drinking. Did you discover two different loose leaf teas that you love? Mixing them together in whatever ratio you think you’d enjoy is much easier when you have them in loose leaf form. You can also add in ingredients for specific purposes, like using the benefits of lavender to improve the sleep-enhancing qualities of a tea. The choices are endless when you can mix and match.

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