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7 Essential Items for Your Start-Up Photo Studio

Ready to move on from freelancing and start your own photo studio? You can’t take quality photos with no equipment in an empty space! So, to help you fill your new studio and take excellent photos that will thrill your clientele, gather up these seven essential items for your start-up photo studio.

A Quality Camera

Of course, you can’t conjure photos out of thin air, so the first thing you’ll need is a quality camera. A high-resolution medium-format camera is ideal for commercial photographers. That said, the decision is up to you. Choose a comfortable and intuitive camera so you can snap the best photos possible.

A Camera Bag

Cameras are costly. They also break easily. To keep your most essential work tool safe, you’ll want to keep it in a sturdy camera bag when you’re not using it. Features to look for in a camera bag include adjustable straps, a well-padded interior, and water-resistant canvas material.


Good lighting can make a photo, but bad lighting can break it. Natural lighting is the most flattering kind of light, so if you have windows in your studio, use them to your advantage. If your studio doesn’t get much natural light, you can use speed lights, light stands, or reflectors in lieu.

A Tripod

A tripod elevates and securely holds the camera as you take photos. It’s a great tool to use if you want to snap multiple photos at the same elevation and angle.


Can you use Photoshop to edit a background into your photos post-shoot? Sure. Is that method convenient or foolproof? Not really. Backdrops are a great way to enhance your photos and attract new clientele, so why not stock up on a few to prepare your studio for the upcoming season?


Props are another fun way to spice up your photos. Props can be anything from a bundle of flowers to a sand pail and shovel or a cowboy hat. We recommend getting a few basic props (balloons, blankets, hats, books, bubbles, flowers, etc.) and then a handful of other props that complement each backdrop you own.

Cleaning Kits

Inevitably, your camera lens will experience an eventual smudge. Your studio will get messy, too, whether from muddy footprints by the door or a chaotic cake smash photoshoot. To combat this mess, make sure you have some cleaning cloths and cleaners for your camera lens, studio walls, and floor on hand.

Keep these seven essential items for your start-up photo studio in mind next time you shop for your new business. Once you get these basics out of the way, you’ll be well on your way to your grand opening!

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