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Fun and Unusual Sports To Play With Your Friends

Backyard sports are an American tradition. On a bright, sunny day or during a summer barbeque, outdoor sports are a great way to unwind and have fun with friends. You have the classics like touch football, horseshoes, and croquet, but sometimes you want to try something new. There are plenty of fun and unusual sports to play with your friends, and today we’re looking at a couple of our favorites.

Disc Golf

Sometimes referred to as frisbee golf, disc golf is a sport you can play just about anywhere. Each player gets a plastic disc with different colors or patterns and tries to toss the disc into a designated goal. Like regular golf, the aim is to reach the goal in as few throws as possible, and a complete game runs nine or eighteen holes.

While many areas have complete disc golf courses, it’s easy to set up holes in your yard or the local park. Whether you get a raised basket or create a designated area on the ground, you and your friends can enjoy disc golf anytime.


Cornhole, occasionally called sack toss or bean bag toss, is a rising stars in the sports world. Since the official league launched in 2015, cornhole is now a fully-fledged sporting event, despite its roots as a backyard activity.

The best part about cornhole is that nearly everyone can get involved. Players take turns tossing a beanbag towards an angled wooden platform. You score points depending on if the bag goes into a hole or lands on the platform itself. Cornhole is lighthearted and fun, but those who take the game seriously may want to use official American Cornhole League bags for the best experience.


You may need some extra space to enjoy this game entirely, but zorbing is an amazingly fun and unusual sport to play with your friends. Imagine being in a giant hamster ball surrounded by your friends who are also in inflatable hamster balls. The typical zorbing activity is racing downhill for the full chaotic effect, but a common variation involves trying to knock other players out of an arena. If you have the space for it, rolling around in a giant ball is an addictive and exhilarating outdoor activity.

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