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Tasty Ingredients You Should Try With Your Coffee

The wonderful thing about coffee and espresso is you can blend so many flavors with them. Popular flavors like mocha and caramel are easy to love, while seasonal ones like pumpkin spice get you excited for their return. For those looking to add a unique spin on their favorite morning drink, these are some tasty ingredients you should try with your coffee.


Lavender has a naturally calming appeal when used as a scent for a room, and that effect doesn’t go away when used as a flavor. Consider frothing up some milk and mixing in a touch of lavender extract before mixing it with your coffee.

Due to how strong extracts can be, it’s good to experiment with less and gradually add more until you find your preference. This creates a soothing flavor profile that gently wakes you up with light floral notes and a touch of bitterness. Some cafes also add a touch of purple food coloring to give it a nice aesthetic touch.


As a popular substitute for sugar, honey serves as a healthy sweetener since you need less to achieve the same effects as sugar. However, if you want a couple of extra vitamins and nutrients, there are many reasons to use raw honey with your coffee. Honey is also a great way to change up the taste of your coffee for a unique experience due to its complex flavor. When mixed with milk, you get a creamy delight that is hard to turn down in the morning. Enjoy the spring vibes with the help of nature’s little workers.

Mint and Cacao Powder

If you love the taste of mint chocolate cookies, then this is a match made in heaven with some extra health benefits. Cacao powder has numerous benefits for your skin due to its high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect skin cells from oxidation that leads to wrinkles, inflammation, and redness from blemishes. Adding this mix to your daily morning routine makes your cup of joe help you out in more ways than keeping you awake.

Coffee has a tendency to set the morning mood with its aroma alone. For those with a curiosity for new flavor combinations, these tasty ingredients you should try with your coffee are a great place to start. Let your mornings shine brighter as you search for your new favorite flavor.

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