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The Best Activities for a Night With the Girls

Finding inspiration for fun girls’ night ideas is challenging. However, it’s not impossible! Get ideas by reading this list of the best activities for a night with the girls.

Hold a PowerPoint Night

One activity that grew in popularity during the pandemic was the “PowerPoint Night.” Friends would come together and showcase a funny slideshow about various topics. Some of these topics could be “Everyone’s best and worst ex,” “TV show universes my friends would thrive in,” and “Predictions of who will date next.” Your friends will have a night full of laughs with this activity!

Go to a Karaoke Bar

What’s more fun than belting out your favorite pop songs of the 2010s? Karaoke bars are fun because everyone can jam out to their favorite hits and reminisce on good times. Perhaps singing Taylor Swift will take the group back in time and remind them of the days of middle school.

Head to an Escape Room

Do your friends love a challenge? If so, you all should consider an escape room. They’re all about solving clues and puzzles to unlock a mystery. Escape rooms rely on teamwork to successfully complete the activity, so it’s an awesome bonding exercise. It’s a guaranteed fun evening with your girls.

Plan an At-Home Spa Night

There’s nothing wrong with showing yourself some TLC. And you can encourage your friends to join you by planning an at-home spa night. Facials, hair masks, and hand massages all sound amazing. You can help each other relax while enjoying beauty treatments. Don’t forget to grab your products, like the essentials for your at-home manicure and pedicure, and have a calming experience.

Experience a Luxury Movie Theater

Do you know those theaters with comfy massage chairs and in-theater dining? You and your friends can catch a flick at these awesome places. Among the best activities for a night with the girls, experiencing a luxury movie theater is fantastic for any group. You can watch a new movie while eating yummy food and relaxing in comfortable seating.

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