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Tips To Minimize Your Makeup Routine

Are you tired of running late for everything? You barely even have time for your makeup between fixing your hair and choosing what to wear. But this does not mean you need to do a rush job on your face. We can help you perfect your look in half the time by reading these tips to minimize your makeup routine.

Concealer vs. Foundation

Foundation consumes most of our time in our makeup routines. The trouble starts before you even apply it to your face. Finding the perfect foundation match takes time. It must blend in well with your skin and make it seem like you have no makeup on.

You can only achieve this look with high coverage foundations, which requires you to use more products to recreate the natural shadows that foundation eliminates. Instead, use a concealer that matches your shade and works well to mask your dark spots and blemishes.

After applying the concealer, use a beauty blender sponge to assimilate it into your skin evenly and smoothly. Target the areas around your nose and underneath the eyes. You just cut down 20 minutes in your routine!

Perfect the Brow

Make no mistake about it—eyebrows rarely match each other. Think of them more as close cousins than sisters. When doing your brows, you’ll want to perfect them and try to make them match each other as closely as possible. This process takes some time.

Brow lamination or henna brows are two emerging beauty trends that can solve this entire problem. Brow lamination involves a chemical formula used to relax brow hairs and groom them into your desired shape. The lamination saves you the trouble of a painful microblading treatment.

Henna brows use natural dyes to create a natural and beautiful look. If you want a semi-permanent tint, you should consider this treatment.

Bronzer for the Win

Bronzer makes for a perfect natural eyeshadow. Bronzers come in a variety of shades to complement your complexion. Once you apply the bronzer, you’ll walk away with a natural tanned look. People will wonder if you just returned from a sunny vacation.

To complete the look, finish applying the bronzer just below your cheekbone, across your nose, and avoid going past the center of your eyes. Remember that blending is your friend; supply yourself with a good bronzer brush or a plump beauty blender to ensure the product blends seamlessly.

Extension vs. Strips

How many times have you almost blinded yourself trying to apply lashes? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Placing lashes correctly takes patience, a steady hand, and time. And if you don’t have time on your side, we’ve got a solution for you—consider getting some lash extensions.

These extensions last for about three weeks before you need a touchup. You just shaved about ten minutes off your routine for three consecutive weeks.

Additionally, lash extensions naturally enhance your face without a drop of makeup. If you don’t have time on your side, you can apply natural lipstick with gloss, then head out.

Maximize your beauty by minimizing your makeup routine. Minimalism and makeup may not sound like they go hand in hand, but combining the two saves you time and money. The fewer products you use, the more you enhance your natural beauty.

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