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Versatile Clothing Pieces To Add to Your Wardrobe

This year, consolidate your wardrobe by focusing on the items you wear the most and investing in pieces you’ll have for years. Combat the constant tides of fast fashion by holding onto high-quality items that blend seamlessly with any outfit. Check out these versatile clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe—you may already have some of them!

Black Leggings

Whether they’re fashionable and soft or performance-ready athleisure pieces, black leggings are great bases for any outfit. They’re moveable, easy to wash, and perfect for traveling! You can pair them with a swingy dress or wear your favorite boots with them.

Classy Blazer

Everyone needs at least one jacket with some structure to it. A tailored blazer in a dark color like black, navy, or burgundy works wonders on busy days. Wear it with your business duds to the office, then transition it to an evening look by swapping out little stuff like shoes and jewelry.

Plain Tees

Graphic t-shirts are fun at any age, but not all occasions call for silly logos or slogans. A couple of plain, neutral tees can help create a crisp base for any outfit. Wear them with blue jeans as you only top or under a button-up shirt as an undergarment.

Knit Sweater

A warm sweater that fits you well will be your best friend during the transitional seasons. Whether it’s cotton or cashmere, your sweater can work well under overalls for a casual look or with your blazer and black pants for a work-appropriate outfit. Knit sweaters strike a perfect balance between casual and formal.

White Sneakers

We’re not talking about your raggedy gym shoes here. A pair of crisp white sneakers elevates your casual wardrobe and brings your formal outfits down to the earth. These kicks never go out of style, whether you go for leather or canvas versions.

This year, consolidate your closet and focus on the items you use a lot. You may already have several of these versatile clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe! Keep classic staple pieces within easy reach and mix them with your favorite trends.

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